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Carson's Story............


In October of 2008, Carson Rudick was diagnosed with a rare tumor, rhabdomyosarcoma., when he was just 3 1/2 years old. He endured several surgeries and radiation to remove the tumor on his sinus cavity, but just two months shy of finishing treatment in the summer of 2009, he relapsed. Carson endured several more surgeries, gamma knife procedures and chemotherapy during the next year. But again, he relapsed over and over again. But you would never have known it. He always had energy and never complained much. He amazed the doctors with his strength to endure new chemos, radiation and surgeries. Carson gained his Angel Wings on July 18, 2010 after the Rhabdo Monster metastasized to his brain and spine. His parents never gave up hope during all that

he endured and remained optimistic throughout his battle with cancer.

CARSON'S HOPE is a charity created by Carson's parents,

Jim and Carlie Rudick, to help support families dealing

with pediatric cancer, as well as pediatric cancer research.

As much as they hoped that Carson would have benefited

from a cure for cancer, Carson will be a part of the cure...

.only in a different way. CARSON'S HOPE looks forward

to the day when there is a cure for cancer. Carson's legacy

will live on thru his charity and it will be a bitter-sweet

day for his parents when there is a cure.


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